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If you would like to look further into subject matter concerning the Associated Motor Cycles factory, its products and the people who helped manufacture them, then here are a few links that might help you on your searches: (click on images)


Motorcycle Apprentice book cover

Motorcycle Apprentice - by Bill Cakebread
(Veloce Publishing)

A unique record of an apprenticeship and fascinating insight to the working practices of the motorcycle industry at the SE London factory of Associated Motor Cycles Ltd in the 1950s and 1960s.
***Now re-printed in paperback format - Click here for OBM review ***


Matchless Colliers book cover

The Matchless Colliers - by Bill Cakebread

Ex-AMC apprentice Bill Cakebread's second book about the world famous motorcycle manufacturer, in which he compiles the full history of the Collier family and their various achievements throughout the life of the Company.

Click here for OBM review       Click here for Jampot review


Colin Seeley Racer book cover

Colin Seeley - Racer - by Colin Seeley
(Redline Books)

Book 1 of 2-part autobiography records Colin Seeley's close links with the Matchless factory and its G50 racing bikes.


Motorcycle Engineering book cover

Motorcycle Engineering - by Phil Irving
Temple Press (1961)

Written by an eminent designer of the 1960s, with an international reputation, this book (now out of print) sets out all the problems - technical, commercial and aesthetic - upon whose solution the success of any new motorcycle must depend.




Jock West pic

Profitable Days at Plumstead (pdf)

A 4-page article in which Jock West, the successful road racer who became a sales executive, talks about his days at AMC.


Brian Slark logo

Working for AMC (pdf)

In this 5-page article, Brian Slark gives an account of conditions and working practices at the AMC factory during his time there as a production worker and tester in the early '60s.


Motor Cycle Sport logo

Made in Plumstead (pdf)

This 6-page article, reproduced from the May 1989 edition of MotorCycle Sport magazine, features reminiscences by ex-AMC employees of their work at the Plumstead factory from the early days up to its closure twenty years previously, as told at the anniversary exhibition and rally held in Woolwich to mark the occasion.


Sixty Years at the Top logo

Sixty Years at the Top - by Deryck Wylde
Reproduction of Motor Cycle Weekly's January 22, 1983 instalment of the series 'Roost Rulers: Potted Histories of the British Industry', complete with the original illustrations.
An interesting article covering the early exploits of the Collier brothers, through the Second World War years and up to the closure of the Plumstead factory, although containing many statements of dubious accuracy.


Colin Seeley Racer book cover

Machine tool re-equipment at AMC
(Machine Tool Review)

A 12-page article published in the Alfred Herbert technical journal describes in detail their 1958 installation of new machine tools into the AMC factory extension.




Matchless Owners Club emblem

AJS and Matchless Owners Club


Norton Owners Club emblem

Norton Owners Club


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